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Talking boxers, Andre Ward in recent years had a normal sort of career length in terms of years (13 years a pro) but only fought 32 times - that's pretty sedate for someone who's the top dog in the division. Once he became world champion he got very inactive, but is probably the greatest supermiddleweight fighter of all time.
That's not the same thing as being the greatest welterweight, or heavyweight, not by a long chalk, as the supermid division is only 30 or so years old, but it's still a remarkable track record of quality over quanitity.

Notoriously difficult fighter to rank, Ward, as he was a boring, spoiling fighter (had no fanbase outside of hardcore boxing fans) but he got the job done and beat all comers, retiring 32-0 (plus an Olympic gold medal). Made fearsome, explosive fighters like Froch and Kovalev look limited and out of their league.

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