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Not groking the arithmetic behind the idea that impeachment is guaranteed to put Trump back in office.

Yes, this action will motivate turnout from his supporters, but his supporters were never a question. I mean, they are slaves to him at this point. It’s Dem turnout that is going to matter more in this election. An impeachment inquiry has now given disenchanted liberals reason to see Democrats as responsible vertebrates once again. As more and more shit comes out about this thing, Dems will only get more fired up about Trump. Energy that might otherwise be spent on in-party fighting will be spent on the real opponent.

But what about independents and undecideds? I don’t see how impeachment would make these idiots more likely to vote for Trump. If Trump hasn’t already done enough to make them get off the fence, this mean they are basically living in an information vacuum. “Impeachment” is a word that carries stigma, makes us think of Nixon and scandal and high crimes. Low-information voters might not know the details behind the inquiry, but once they start associating Trump with the word impeachment, it will be harder for them to see him as a defensible choice. The 3rd party nobody will look like the more attractive vote, because if history eventually pulls back the curtain and reveals that Trump was truly villainous, Independents are the last group who will want to claim supporting him. Distancing oneself from bad politicians is the ethos of Independents.

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