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Originally Posted by Annoyed View Post
Well, considering most of what you write here is vox/buzzfeed style “journalism” and speculation, based on absolutely zero evidence whatsoever, yeah, all is well.

What’s absolutely evident from the transcript is that there was no quid pro quo, and that means no smoking gun, like was overbearingly pushed by the Dems and the basis of their whole “inquiry”.

So at best the left got their week long news cycle, and egg in their face, and most people still won’t support impeachment.

At worst (or best for me) they keep pushing it and inadvertently reveal some nasty Biden dirt, pushing the lefts best chance out the window.

So, yeah.
It's going to really hurt when that right wing bubble you've wrapped yourself in bursts. Reality is coming and the right is going to have to acknowledge it eventually or get left behind. You can't expect a false alternate reality to last forever, no matter how much you want it to, and we can't continue indefinitely with this two different worlds we live in. There is only one real world, and the Fox News/alt-right version ain't it. The sooner you recognize that the less painful it will be.
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