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A fun interactive. It starts with defaults set to at Clinton and Nixon baselines. With that as the default we are looking at acquittal (or conviction I guess) on March 23.

Assuming such huge bombshells that support for impeachment conviction is 50% or more even within GOP voting groups, yet Trump would not resign, then one would suppose that GOP leadership would want to speed it along, to have at least some time to choose a candidate.There is no reason it could not go very fast. Why not by mid January? House puts on its show and the Senate trial is kept for a short as leaders think the public will tolerate.

A party can change its bylaws for choosing a candidate anytime they want. There is no Constitutional requirement to have a primary and/or caucus system. Each state's leadership could select delegates and those delegates could decide at an open convention on short notice if need be.

Note the similar circumstance could be created if Trump drops dead of a heart attack or stroke in late September or in October. How is it chosen who is their nominee? The VP candidate or the runner up in the nomination process, such as it was, or what?