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Originally Posted by Jonathan Chance View Post
This is just silly. The military is under civilian control, true (and that's a good thing) but they're required to obey all lawful orders. If Trump is removed via impeachment and conviction then no orders he could give would be lawful. In addition, any soldier obeying them would be exposed to accusations of rebellion and treason.
Sorry if I was unclear. After a senate vote of "guilty" then of course he can issue no lawful orders. My fear is that he'll metaphorically throw a spanner (or a bomb) into the works before that vote, while he is still CinC

Let's say the House passes articles of impeachment on 20 November and McConnell schedules the trial to begin on 1 December. But something TERRIBLE happens on 22 November (JFK Day) prompting the immediate declaration of martial law and roundups of suspicious dissidents.

Yes, the military might refuse to follow such orders. That's a coup, right?