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Holy crud! Racist Tom and Jerry episode on Cartoon Network Japan

I just came home a few hours ago to find my kid watching an old Tom and Jerry episode on Cartoon Network.
Tom has Jerry and Tuffy trapped in a closet. How will they get past him!?
Then, Jerry finds a tin of boot polish!
(“No... this can’t be about to happen” I start thinking.)
Jerry begins smearing the boot polish over his face.
(“No... noooo-no-no-no-no-no!” I plead out loud to the TV.)
Jerry wraps a red and white polkadot handkerchief around his head.
(“Oh My God No!”)
But there is no god; and, yes, Jerry waddles out of the closet dressed as a mammy caricature, followed by Tuffy all blacked up as a Pickaninny “Honey Chile’”.
I was flabbergasted. (Well, to be honest, I was simultaneously laughing and cussing at the TV in incredulity.)

I looked it up, and the episode we saw is titled “Milky Waif”.

As I said to my kid, I remember seeing similar things in cartoons when I was a kid, but can’t believe I’m seeing it now, and I’m sure that wouldn’t be aired on Cartoon Network in the US.
This is Japan, so I think there’s probably a lot less sensitivity to that kind of thing, but I figured, if I’ve got the time to write about it here, I might as well write a complaint to the network.
Now I feel a little like a fussy old parent, but I’m damned if I’m gonna let them show that shit to my kids when I’m paying for their service.