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Originally Posted by Darren Garrison View Post
You are the second person on this thread to make that assertion, but it still remains a face tinted dark, and at least Japanese director Yoshihiro Nishimura made that association when satirizing ganguro in the movie I linked above.

Put it this way--if someone in America died their face black, then claimed that it wasn't blackface, how well would that fly?
It wouldn't. Maybe is a 1000 years it will. I'd posit my theory about how if you're not putting on a GD minstrel show, then there's nothing wrong with going all the way with an Orange is the New Black costume...but then if you asked me if its ok for a white girl to dress up like an "Indian Princess" i'd say probably not. And then I'd be a hypocrite.

It has something to do with 'are you being respectful? Or just a drunk entitled frat girl, and you know something I don't think natives get enopugh respect as it is to push those boundries.

Damn it...i went ahead and posted my theories on the subject.

TLDR: Maybe in 1000 years we'll all get along well enough not to care.