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Originally Posted by Not Carlson View Post
Maybe it's just my own blind spot, but I've never had a problem with ol' Speedy.
Maybe it's because he's played as the hero and the jokes are always at the expense of the "gringo pussycat".

I think I read somewhere that even Mexicans are fine with Speedy's portrayal. Maybe it was the Dope. Not sure.

Personally, I prefer Slowpoke Rodriguez.
Yeah, when I was a teenager, I lived with a Mexican family for a while. Both Tijuana Toads and Speedy were loved by the whole family. Especially Tijuana Toads! That shit would have us ALL in tears from laughing so hard.

I also favored Slow Poke. Partly due because I was an awkward kid that sucked at all things sports. So I sort of related.