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Just had this one this morning, one of my all time favorites. It's your basic fried eggs/bagel/corned beef hash but has to be prepared this way for the magic to happen.

Half a can of Mary Kitchen corned beef hash (no substitutes accepted in this case, again, for the magic to happen)
One bagel
Three eggs

1. Get the hash frying in an open skillet. The skillet needs to be large enough that the hash takes up no more than half of your cooking area (more on this requirement in step 2). Cook over high heat and do not disturb until you have a nice crispy layer. Once you get that crispy layer you flip the hash and proceed to the bagel stage.
2. While the hash is 'crisping', toast one bagel dark. When the bagel is toasted and the hash has crisped, apply a liberal amount of butter to each half and place them face down in the open portion of your skillet. I call this the pan fried bagel and while I'm sure others have done it before I came up with it on my own so I'm taking credit for inventing this culinary delight. After about 30 seconds (or when the bagel has fried to taste), place both halves face up on a plate. Place the hash on top of the bagel halves. Proceed to egg stage.
3. Fry three eggs to over easy in the same pan. Do not clean or wipe the pan in any way, you want the hash remnants and grease for the eggs (again folks, the magic). Place the three eggs on top of the hash and serve. Proceed to consumption stage.

Proper consumption technique must begin with breaking the egg yolks and letting everything underneath soak up the goodness. After that, individual bites must be planned so as to maximize the mix of all ingredients in each bite.

OPTIONAL: Top the whole wonderful mess with hot sauce if feeling particularly spicy.

ALSO OPTIONAL: Angioplasty