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Garlic taters and eggs:
Nuke a potato in the microwave until it's just cooked, as if you were making potato salad. Don't bother peeling it. Waxy potatoes like Yukon Golds work best for this.
Dice the potato in bite sized pieces and toss into your skillet with butter, salt and pepper. Set heat to medium and stir it about for a couple minutes.
Add minced garlic and stir about until you can smell the garlic, about 1 minute.
Stir up a couple of eggs with salt and pepper and pour over potatoes.
Let it set up a bit and them scramble to your taste.

Had some for brek this morning.

We also keep a bag of sausage patties the right size for an English muffin in the freezer.
Put one in a small skillet to warm up or cook, depending on if it's pre-cooked or not.
Scramble an egg in a buttered ramekin with some salt and pepper. Nuke the egg in the microwave in ~11 sec. increments until done. (If you don't do it in increments, it'll explode.)
Meanwhile, toast your muffin.
Butter the muffin and assemble same with egg, sausage, and a slice of cheese if desired.