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Originally Posted by SiXSwordS View Post
I'm not trying to be obtuse, and I do appreciate any input, but I should say no and then specify the person I don't want them to talk to...?

What if I were to simply write, I do not wish my employer to know I am seeking other employment?

It sounds a little harsh to my ear, but so does saying no and then specifying who they would contact if I had said yes.
It's not the same thing - if you say to have them contact your employer, they're going to talk to HR and your superiors. What you're doing is giving them a way to verify your employment without tipping off your company - by giving them a contact that they can use to do so.

Just approach one of your coworkers - it shouldn't be an issue at all.

This sort of thing goes on all of the time, and there are no ethical problems with any of it.