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I'd both agree and disagree - for those who need to get the exact nuances, a listing of contemporary references would be useful. But OTOH, anyone intelligent enough to enjoy The Star Beast isn't going to care that Pidgie is based on Beanie; I think the reference is as self-explanatory as necessary to get the joke and Kiku's discomfort. P-W could be anything from a Beanie puppet to a Max Headroom talking head to a real-time 3D animation; letting each generation interpret as they see best is hardly a bad thing.
I'm ot saying that the reader has to understand every little nuance and origin in order to fully appreciate the Wonder That Is Heinlein. I'm saying that having a kid's puppet show have such a huge impact on national politics seems a bit weird 9it did to me when I first read the book) , unless you know the context. kids in 1954 who got The Star Beast for Christmas or their birthday knew about Time for Beany. People today probably don't, and Heinlein's use of it seems as strange and off-kilter as his ubiquitous Society Matrons.