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Interesting Friday discussions by all, I've been thread-stalking until it rolled around to this book.

I've re-read Friday four times now over the years, and it has the most reads of any Heinlein book by me. It's also among the least remembered, a movie trailer of catchy snippets and scenes, some great moments, but ultimately lacking any characters or motivations to make me care.

If there was some intentional meta-theme by RAH to show how rationalizing the necessity of the shallowness of a super-agent lifestyle in servitude to a soulless corporation then follows with Friday being doomed to rationalizing the intention of a shallow domestic life of servitude (with all the other 'liberation' headscratchers of being defined by childbirth, by genetic heritage, by forgiving and marrying your abuser, etc mentioned by others), accomplished? Or is it some meta-commentary on admiring the old retired soldiers and generals, forgetting atrocities and war as the gentlemanly necessities of being civilized, letting them age in peace?

But it all falls with an unsatisfying thud, the corporate masters continue their machinations, the world keeps turning, and Friday knits doilies by the fireside. If you're nice, someday grandma Friday will tell you the story of how she crushed five windpipes in three seconds before triggering the thermite detonator, but first let's finish painting the easter eggs.

The world-building was first-rate, there are infinite stories and adventures I'd love to read within, Friday's story just isn't one I cared about. Lindsay Lohan, superspy.

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