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Originally Posted by Fenris View Post
I've got a piece of Jacob's Ladder and the Beanstalk, bouth--just a tax loss at present but--"
Yep. I'd forgotten that. Thanks for the 'fresher.

Plus, IIRC (and it's been a while since I've read Friday) the car-things that they're using on the highway in that scene also show up in Friday.
Friday is odd in that respect in that personal cars or anything much like them seems to have gone away - it's a big deal to use a "power wagon" on roads and steamships are a regular way to get up and down the rivers. I think it stems from an inversion of "one person, two cars" but he didn't quite work it through. Really, that describes much of the book - a good idea introduced and then kinda now why did I come in here? Remember, too, that that world is created to deceive Alex and Marga; its reality is questionable.[/quote]