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Originally Posted by Jonathan Chance View Post
I dunno, Fenris. I think the point of Alexander running through that list of things accomplished and hope to accomplish is to show the social matrix that Hergensheimer is operating within. That doesn't necessarily excuse him, but it does allow the reader to truly understand what sort of American theocracy he comes from. Because, let's face it, in the narrative there's not a lot of info on the origins of Hergensheimer. Within a few pages we're out of that world and living inside Hergensheimer's head.
I think AH's viewpoint is that these are all positive efforts he supports.

I love Job and agree it's Heinlein's best late book, and among his best overall (maybe top 20)... but the evolution of Alex from moralistic prig to Heinlein Hero is utterly unconvincing in motive, timeline and development. He just flips a switch on all prior cultural conditioning because he meets a hot cheesecake Danish.