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Originally Posted by Amateur Barbarian View Post
I think AH's viewpoint is that these are all positive efforts he supports.
Exactly. And not only "supports" but is on a star-chamber to promote and advance these things. The main organization banned abortions, contraceptives and four or five other things. The star-chamber AH is in is currently discussing if it's time to move to the "final solution" for the "Jewish problem", if sterilizations or (something--coventry? lobotomies?) are the way to handle gay people, what about Catholics? Is it time to turn on them...or wait 'till later to deal with them. How about blacks? And the context is that AH is proud to be on this secret committee. Also, he's high enough in the ranks of his org that he can call collect giving nothing but his name and he has every expectation that any worker who answers the phone will know who he is. (The fact that he gets some random pre-teen answering the phone (kid's a soprano--it said so. ) is just Loki's mischief, one assumes.

I love Job and agree it's Heinlein's best late book, and among his best overall (maybe top 20)... but the evolution of Alex from moralistic prig to Heinlein Hero is utterly unconvincing in motive, timeline and development. He just flips a switch on all prior cultural conditioning because he meets a hot cheesecake Danish.
For what it's worth, he beats himself up about it every now and then when Heinlein thinks about it.

AH also keeps gaining skills that he *should not have*. The bit where the thugs try to bully him out of the $1,000,000 and he flings himself in the pool and near-drowns the thug while yelling "Help!"? The bit towards the end of the book where he out cons the crooked lawyer? AH should have absolutely no idea how to do that. None. Alex Graham? Maybe. AH? No.

(PS-sorry for the hijack Jonathan! )