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Originally Posted by Fenris View Post
By the way, here's the passage in question:

Oddly, (or because of sloppy editing) he refers to Catholics as stauch allies at like two other points, but goes after Jehovah's Witnessess for being too rigid. Not a major problem with the book, but slightly sloppy.
I still gotta disagree, Fenris. You seem to feel that what AH is doing is some sort of secret cabal or something. RAH is describing nothing more than a lobbying group, and for a lot of those line items you can fine groups in DC right now advocating them (God knows I used to cover them sometimes).

RAH is using that to define just how different the world of AH is from the one the reader lives in. It's a place where the worst of the Mrs. Grundy impulses is considered normal and moral and that infuses AH as a base part of his personality. But it doesn't make him (as deputy director he's primarily a fundraiser) Hitler.

Remember, also, that AH was initially a failed engineer (couldn't handle the math) and then a failed pastor (couldn't handle the congregation). He fell into fundraising and lobbying because it was something he COULD do. He's a classic busybody convinced of his own righteousness. That's what makes his transformation more telling. Remember, Loki describes God as saying he'd produced the greatest bigot EVER and Loki couldn't break him.