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I'm now rereading Friday (inspired by the discussion here) and a couple of thoughts so far (I'm up to the part where she's with Ian, Georges and Janet and all the crackpots claiming credit for that coup/attack) :

1) There's another clue that Friday's world is Jerry's (from Job) world beyond the "beanstalk" thing. In Jerry's America, Christians (presumably including Catholics) are a semi-persecuted minority. Same with Friday's world although we're only shown Catholics being persecuted. ("Uncle Jim" in one of the pre-rape chapters--there are hushed whispers that he might be <gasp> a papist...or beyond that, <double-gasp> a priest).

2) The rape scene is just ghastly-bad. She doesn't sound like a woman, she sounds like a man writing not what he thinks of as a woman (which Heinlein usually does) but a man writing a tract on what a woman should be like and how she should deal with a rape. This goes into the Farnham's Freehold category of "His heart was in the right place, but epic fail".

3) That said, I'd forgotten how damned whiney Friday is. My god, she never stops snivelling. She's possibly the most passive main character/good-guy* (and certainly the most passive female character) Heinlein ever wrote. Ignoring a physical confrontation, Peewee or Ricky (both pre-teens) have more spunk and would shred Friday in a battle of wills.

4) There's the dialogue. I can't put my finger on what, but it was off the same way in Number of the Beast and it stopped being off in Job and Sunset.

More to follow.