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Also, I found it to be a letdown that he used Kettle-Belly and dispensed with all the stuff from "Gulf" in about 3 sentences. Why bother to use Baldwin if you're not going to update us in detail. And for that matter, what happened to all those super-fancy learning techniques (the magical language where a paragraph could be expressed as a single syllable, etc) that he taught the hero of "Gulf"?

Another flaw: Friday was in the NZ family for what--8 years or so?--and her super-power is that she can put together disparate groups of data and come up with the right conclusion...and somehow she never quite noticed that the entire family was a group of raging Ku Klux Klan style bigots? It's not that they have a minor thing against Tongans, they're frothing at the mouth white supremacists. And she missed it. AND Friday missed that Anita was conning her? But her super-power is ferreting out stuff exactly like this. Oops.

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