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I have a friend who nearly murdered me when I taught her youngest child the "manna manna" song.
I started the eldest, now three, on Mah na mah na when she was about 2yrs old. Then we had a second child who became obsessed with it. We've got Cake's version of the song on an album, "For the Kids," that the youngest demands any time we're in the car.
Yesterday the cd wasn't in the car. The whole 15 minute drive I was treated to:
Kid #1 (not quite 2yrs old) Mah na mah na
Kid #2 (not quite 4yrs old) Do dooo do doo doo.
Kid #1 Mah na mah na
Kid #2 Do do do do
{repeat x1542 times}
I may have created a monster. Or two.

My mother had a sister four years younger than her. When the little sister was about 2yrs old my mother taught her to respond when asked what time it was with "Half past a monkey's ass, quarter to his balls."
As punishment, she had until dinner time to teach her to say the blessing.