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I haven't been to the reservation area, but I've been to Bellingham and Birch Bay several times. My friend in Birch Bay says the Lummi reservation is a great place to launch a kayak, and it's a short paddle to Lummi Island. From there it's a short paddle to Clark(?) Island, and then Orcas is a reasonable distance from there.

I was also looking at a house in Nooksack. ([B-52s]Nooksack! It's a Nooksack! Nooksack, baby![/B-52s]) Twice as big, large corner lot, 50% more expensive, "needs TLC". I'd love to live in a place called "Nooksack"! (I wonder if Chuckanut Road goes that far? ) But it's 20 miles from Bellingham, and if I end up commuting to another city it might be unreasonable. (If I live in B'ham, I can commute as far as Everett -- which is barely farther than my current commute.)

The Ferndale (Lummi res.) place is, as I said, very small. Depending on the employment situation I may eventually tear it down and put something else up. But the first priority is a big garage. (Can't let the '46 Willys or '66 MGB rot!) No matter where I buy a house I want to avoid CC&Rs and other problems with the local authorities. Hence the question about buying property on Indian lands.

Another question, since you seem to know the area: Is it safe to eat seafood from Bellingham Bay? I have this idea it might be fun to catch a dungeness crab or a halibut from time to time.