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Originally Posted by msmith537 View Post
Except that particular scenario never actually happened. So in a way, you're as bad as Fox News.
Actually, if we use the latest scientific research on myth-busting, I reinforced the idea that Obama clubs baby seals. This is one reason Fox News works so well - because when people hear something over and over, it sticks in their mind as true, even if it was presented in context as untrue. That means that even when Fox doesn't blatantly lie, it's still succeeding at manipulating people just by mentioning a ridiculous theory over and over. I have no doubt that Fox execs know exactly what they are doing.

A political moderate? You are a rare breed, my friend. But I basically agree with your assessment of 24 hour news channels in general. I can't stand to watch MSNBC even though I agree with it. I do not deny that it's trying very hard to be the liberal Fox and really have no respect for it on that basis. Even NPR has been getting on my nerves lately, because the bias seems more pronounced... I'm hoping it gets better after election season. I don't think it is really possible to get ''objective news'' but some organizations at least give some nuance to the story.