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Follow-up: If the live-action version had changed the shade of Ariel's red hair from, say, cartoon Ariel scarlet to some human redhead shade, that would be an objectively bigger visual shift than changing Ariel's peachy-beige skin to Halle Bailey's peachy-bronze. But subjectively, nobody would even register it as a significant change.

It really is all about our ingrained notions of racial categories being fundamentally, hugely important differences between people. But mermaids (as far as we know) don't have racial categories. They just have skin. And scales.
I think the main challenge anytime you make a live action version of an animated film or comic book is having the character be grounded in reality, still recognizable as the 2-D character and doesn't look like someone in cosplay or a weird creepy CGI. To your point, people only "care" about her shade of skin color because or all the racial and political connotations humans ascribe to skin color. There is really no reason Ariel's skin being several shades darker should matter any more than her hair being a more realistic "red" color than in the cartoon.

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Thats really the end of the argument. They arn't even fucking human.
Exactly. Which is why her father King Triton will be played by this actor.