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Originally Posted by Sauron View Post
I shouldn't have said "race" in my first post; I was focused on what others were saying, and followed that narrative. My fault.

Again, the issue for me is changing the look of an iconic (for 30 years, anyway) Disney character. I would be making the same point if the live-action version was going to change Ariel's fish tail / scales from pale green to pink or purple, or changing her hair from red to yellow.

I'm approaching this from a character / brand perspective, not racial. Disney has spent millions upon millions of dollars for three decades promoting the Ariel character / brand based on a rigidly defined set of physical characteristics. Changing those characteristics now for no good reason (or at least no reason of which I'm aware) seems counterproductive to me.
Suppose the reason is "Halle Bailey is an enormously talented performer and blew the competition out of the water in her audition". Would that be a "good reason", in your opinion?