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Originally Posted by Left Hand of Dorkness View Post
-Perfectly flawless skin
-Eyes the size of lemur eyes
-Two solid bars of pure white to replace human teeth
-Hair the color of ripe tomatoes
-A waist about twice as wide as her biceps
-Skin the color of white peach flesh
I would assume that they would cast someone appropriately talented (and use make-up/effects) as close as possible to the stylized version without getting into an Uncanny Valley or otherwise visually disturbing situation. I would expect that this is common sense.

Now, in this case, they didn't and I don't care since I'll never see it anyway but it's funny how many "arguments" in this thread are people just preaching to the choir. No one upset by this is going say "Oh, shit, you're right! Mermaids aren't real! OMG they're not going to cast anyone with eyes taking up 25% of her face! I was so, so wrong!"

Of course, the die-hard racist rabblerousers aren't going to be happy with any answer but there's got to be a better approach to the "This disappointingly doesn't look like the character I love" people than "Cartoon mermaids aren't real, you moron!"