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Originally Posted by Esprise Me View Post
My boyfriend at the time had a bit of a brain fart; he was normally very romantic, but hadn't thought anything up for asking me to the prom. He just immediately leaned over, while everyone was still awww-ing for Stephanie, and said, "oh yeah by the way will you go to the prom with me?" I was disappointed; my friends were horrified.
This reminds me of a "This American Life" episode reporter Elna Baker, who is an ex-Mormon, told several stories about elaborate gestures that were common and expected in her Mormon community.

She mentioned that she used to be obsessed with grand gestures, but grew out of them, in part, when she realized that you could show someone how much you liked em by having sex.

Anyway, I have no real problem with people throwing themselves parties
I have no problem with people throwing parties. I have a problem with people "throwing themselves parties" when there is an implication that gifts are expected and those gifts can't just be contributions to the food or drink to be consumed.
*I'm experimenting with E, em, and es and emself as pronouns that do not indicate any specific gender nor exclude any specific gender.