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They strike me as a bit of a gift grab (if they're ASKING for gifts, that is), but otherwise I think they're just for fun.
As for gender roles, and if the kid turns out trans, or non-binary, I would worry about that when and if it came. No use fussing over such things before the kid's even out.
And funny, even when you try to avoid gender roles, the kids DO stick to them on their own. My cousin's wife isn't very girly, and she HATES the color pink, so she decided they'd go with purple. Well, guess what their daughter's favorite color is?

Quite honestly, if I were having a kid, I'd rather wait and be surprised. That was the case with some of my family members recently -- they didn't want to know in advance.

Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
But back to reveal parties - I remember the days when you didn't know the sex until the kid popped out, every now and then it still strikes me as weird that we can know ahead of time. Then I start thinking about kids who are born intersex and start having weird fantasies about one day someone will be doing a reveal party and instead of pink or blue will have white (or something) because they know in advance their kid is intersex... except that will never happen, of course.
I'm guessing the doctor (or whoever lets them know in advance?) would contact them first? At least, I would hope so!

True, tragedies happen -- Erik Karlsson of the San Jose Sharks did a gender reveal where he shot an exploding puck to show if his wife was going to have a boy or a girl. It was blue. Sadly, she ended up having a miscarriage.

But then you might as well not throw baby showers either.