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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
Well, yes, one would hope so but experience has taught me that there is often a gap between "ought to" and "what actually happens".

I prefer not to think of a child being born intersex as a "tragedy" on par with a miscarriage/death. It's unfortunate, but not the end of the world and should be less of a tragedy than some other types of birth anomalies.

But yeah, I get that parents are unlikely to make a big deal out of "hey, our kid is intersex". That does leave the question of what a gender reveal party would be like in that case, and if the parents are part of a crowd that does do gender reveal parties you have to wonder what sort of comments would be generated by NOT having one.
I didn't mean an intersex child was a tragedy -- although I don't think I'd throw a party for that kind of thing -- I meant a miscarriage. (Or serious birth defects, like anencephaly or what have you.)

Besides, I'm also thinking we kind of take gender too seriously. Like those parents who are starting to raise their kids non-binary ("they-bies") and say they can choose their gender later. Remember that? That was kind of the opposite of the gender reveal party.

I think SOMETIMES, people confuse gender roles and gender identity. SOMETIMES. (Not accusing anyone here of doing that). Let kids like what they like, and if there IS some deviation from their gender/sex, I'm sure they'll let you know.

You know? Take it as it comes. Don't put any pressure on them the opposite way. Just be chill.

(Maybe I'm just thinking of back how it used to be when girls who were tomboys were assumed to be lesbians. Does that make sense?)