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Originally Posted by Guinastasia View Post
(Maybe I'm just thinking of back how it used to be when girls who were tomboys were assumed to be lesbians. Does that make sense?)
Yeah, it makes a LOT of sense because I was one of those little girl tomboys that people were continually trying to feminize to "prevent" me from growing up to be a lesbian. This was exacerbate by my oldest sister being a lesbian who came out in the 1970's, long before it was OK to do so.

Turns out I'm heterosexual, a solid 0 on the Kinsey scale, but if anything more butch than ever with a deep, deep loathing for anything pink which, as a child, I learned to associate with everything that prevented me from doing the fun stuff I wanted to do.

It's not the "celebrate girlhood!" concept I have a problem with, it's celebrating only one type of girlhood, the girly-girl definition. There are a LOT of ways to be a woman. Ditto for the boys - there's more than one way to be a man and the caricatures of "macho" are repugnant.