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The first transgender person to be legally recognized so in Spain lived in the 17th century, but there was neither legal record of their gender, nor registry records to be changed, nor passport, nor did the King have a word for it other than "far be it from me to cirticise the work of God Our Lord, but it seems quite clear to His humble servant that this person happens to be formed by a male soul in a female body."

How many people do you think had heard of him between then and the 1970s? How many among those who never learned to read and write? Some had, because the story made good material for romances de ciego (the pre-newspapers version of tabloids), but nobody thought of it as "something which may happen to anybody, anywhere". That some societies recognized third genders as a matter of fact, and that some people knew that babies could be born with deformed genitalia (as it would have been seen then) doesn't make the current talk about gender "general knowledge that some people have actively tried to suppress in recent times".

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