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Originally Posted by Limmin View Post

My wife has dark hair and eyes, and tans well. I'm pale: red/blond, blue eyes, freckles / burns instantly when outdoors anywhere south of Seattle. When my son was a baby he was similarly pale, blue-eyed, etc. Whenever I had him out and about, nobody questioned my being his father. (He was a "mini me.") But when wifey had him out and about, hiking, shopping, whatever, people would sometimes assume she was his nanny. This got her irritated (and concerned that someone might take him away).
I think this happens fairly often to mixed-race families. One of my best friends as a kid was half Irish, half Sri Lankan, and she was light skinned, but her brothers were quite dark, and her Mum was always being asked if they were adopted. And another friend years later was a very dark skinned Black British woman with a husband as pale as you and their children resembled him a lot, so people generally assumed she was the nanny, which she understandably found pretty hurtful.

It's understandable that people get confused sometimes, but vocalising it is just rude.