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Originally Posted by Napier View Post
I've asked how big is the Small Pizza and how big is the Large Pizza, and been told they are 6 and 8 slices respectively.
So if you order pizza regularly, you know a 6 pizza is a small, about 8", and an 8 slice pizza is medium, about 10".

Originally Posted by Napier View Post
I disagree. Many things come in nominal sizes that aren't the real sizes. There's nothing on an 18" television screen that measures 18". A "quarter pounder" burger weighs less than a quarter pound (unless you eat it raw). How are people to know exactly how big is a 16" pizza? I can picture what I expect when I order one, but I've never taken a tape measure to it. Have you?
No, but I can guess the size of something by eyeballing it. 16" is about the distance from my elbow to the tip of my middle finger.

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