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I didn't know, so I asked Mom yesterday because of this thread. (Dad's been out of the picture for about 40 years).

She said they both worked at Bendix, an airplane parts manufacturer. She was one of many girls assembling parts, and he was the guy with the clipboard who would come around and check their speed and quotas. I said, "It seems weird that you would have a job like that", because I've always thought of Mom as a girly-girl. She said, "Oh no, I loved it! I had my own tool box and soldering iron and everything."

Anyway, the girls had been discussing whether or not the young man with the clipboard was married, and when he came around that day, one of the bold ones asked him flat out. He blushed and stammered and admitted that he wasn't, and the questioner hollered over to Mom, "No, Cathy, he's not married!", which embarrassed the hell out of her. I imagine things went a lot easier after that.