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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
I haven't read any of their reports, but the various mentions that I have encountered of the output of the Jesus Seminar - which sought to identify the likelihood that any one saying could genuinely be attributed to the real Jesus ..
I had this in mind of course when mentioning how else the new religion based on 'what Jesus said' could define 'what Jesus said' besides just whatever is attributed to Jesus in the 4 Gospels. But, it's a stretch in discussions like this to even assume a common familiarity and understanding of the Gospels (as opposed to cherry picking, simplistic literalism, furious googling and linky-linky to try to support what someone has already said talking while out of their ass, etc). It's just not plausible to assume a common understanding and agreement what 'historical Jesus' scholars have said Jesus 'really' said. And OP also clarified that 'what Jesus said' in the original question meant 'what the Gospels say Jesus said'.

In which case the whole issue of supposed Paul Christianity v Jesus Christianity largely disappears. Again the Jesus of the Gospel of John in particular (though as I and others noted that was probably written decades after Paul's letters, whether dictated by the original John or not) is not really different than the one Paul refers to. Paul is more general, spiritual, mystical rather than usually referring to everyday situations or telling parables based on daily life. With again the elephant-in-room exception that Paul condemns homosexuality (at least in the contemporary Hellenic context) while the Gospels never directly mention it, quoting Jesus or otherwise. And in general if there ever was "version of Christianity very different from the flavor" of Paul among 'original' Christians, that's also from indirect inferences about the Synoptic Gospels and their theorized progression, their validity v John, combined with indirect inferences from historically known facts, though few if any directly answer the question. If you define 'what Jesus said' as in the Gospels as a whole, the idea of a different Christianity prior to Paul is purely speculative. Which it pretty much is anyway you look at it.

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