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NAME			Birthdate		Known for
Kevin Smith		2 August 1970		Slacker Director
Elvis Costello		25 August 1954		Writing The Book everyday
Sophia Flörsch		1 December 2000		Formula 3 driver
Kim Jong-chul		25 September 1981 	Half-brother of Kim Jong-un
Ric Flair		25 February 1949	Woooo!!!!!!!!!
Grigory Rodchenkov	24 October 1958		Former head of the Russian doping labs
Tommy Chong		24 May 1938		Dave's not here, man.
Jimmy Carter		1 October 1924		Ex-President
Dick Cheney		30 January 1941		Darth Vader
Michael Schumacher	3 January 1969		Formula-1 Driver Terrible skier
Pope Emeritus Benedict	16 April 1927		Snazzy Red Shoes
Prince Phillip		10 June 1921		He married well
Andy Dick		21 December 1965	Alleged Comic

Val Kilmer		31 December 1959	The best Batman EVER
Casey Anthony		19 March 1985		Found Not Guilty
Clean list:
Kevin Smith
Elvis Costello
Sophia Flörsch
Kim Jong-chul
Ric Flair
Grigory Rodchenkov
Tommy Chong
Jimmy Carter
Dick Cheney
Michael Schumacher
Pope Emeritus Benedict
Prince Phillip
Andy Dick

Val Kilmer
Casey Anthony