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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
THIS BILL just passed says schools in California grades k-8 are no longer allowed to suspend students for "willful defiance". The idea behind it was that too many students of color were being suspended and they want schools to come up with alternatives rather than kick kids out school.

My opinion: as long as the school tried some alternatives first like communication with parents, they should have the right. Kids being disruptive prevents teachers from teaching and the other kids from learning.
The reason they're doing this is that the schools don't try alternatives.

Think about this from an economics perspective; if they are not forced or incentivized to find ways of resolving behavioural problems, the easiest thing to do is kick the kid out of the school and make her someone else's problem. People and organizations will take the path of least resistance; it's just human nature.

There ARE cases where a child must be suspended or expelled. That is just the way it is. The problem in some boards is they use the suspension hammer all the time and usually against black kids.

This bill tells kids its ok to walk in late, cause major disruptions, call the teacher names, and act like a total ass.
This bill tells kids nothing. Children don't pay attention to legislation.
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