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Fen, I'm trying to grab onto your thought process here. Let's say, just for the sake of argument, that your statistics are correct: more than 75% of threads on the Pit front page are political in nature. Suppose further that, as you suggest, we consolidate all those threads into one.

Then the question I have is, where does the replacement material come from? There will automatically be 3/4 of the threads on the front page that are zombie threads (having heretofore fallen to page 2 which might themselves also be political in nature). And even setting those aside, who will write the new non-political OPs? Are you thinking of it along the lines of F.A. von Hayek's spontaneous order? That given the space and opportunity, people will begin opening these new and improved threads about well, about satire I guess, or scathing rants?

Doesn't it seem to you, upon review, that people are bitching about what pisses them off already, and that it just so happens to be politics at this time? I'm just not sure what might be superior. I mean, we have the Fred Phelps thread, but that is just a recurring theme, like the Chick tracts. Might it not be that, if 75% of all threads disappear that there could be a slacking off of Pit posting? Or are you counting on people rushing in to fill the void kind of thing.

Again, just trying to grasp the thought process.