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Originally Posted by Liberal View Post
And the same goes for you, frankly. Nothing is stopping you from opening a thread about telemarketers or any other topic of interest to you. It's not that I think you are disingenuous, but if you're not willing to put your posting where your mouth is, so to speak, then why should anyone take you seriously? In other words, it's as though you and Martini want other people to do your work for you. And yet, nobody is there. If they were, they'd be opening threads. Do you see how there's a bit of a disconnect there?

Because at the moment, it's not worth it.

It takes time and energy to compose a decent pit thread. And that thread will be off the front page in hours because it takes no time to respond to a political thread with "No, U!" and all it takes is one poster bopping into each of the political threads and saying "Dummy-crats/Repugnicans SUK" to drop a non-political thread off the front page.

Frank posted a decent rant last night that's dropped off the front page already. After something like 8 hours.

Condense the political threads to one general "Everyone's side by mine SUCKS and here's what they're doing in August" thread and give other threads room to grow.

Again, without front-page exposure, threads won't thrive. And watching the same few dozen or so people monopolize the front page of The Pit for months on end with an endless litany of the outrage-of-the-minute*, it's pointless to even try.

*remember when there were like 5 threads outraged about Sarah Palin's daughter's fiancee's haircut? Neither does anyone else.