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Originally Posted by Fenris View Post

Because at the moment, it's not worth it.

It takes time and energy to compose a decent pit thread. And that thread will be off the front page in hours because it takes no time to respond to a political thread with "No, U!" and all it takes is one poster bopping into each of the political threads and saying "Dummy-crats/Repugnicans SUK" to drop a non-political thread off the front page.
Absolutely. And unlike some of the people on the boards, I don't spend all day looking for things to be outraged about so I can rush to my computer and Pit them. But sometimes something will happen that I think "I'd like to vent about that and perhaps some other people will agree with me", but when I eventually get around to composing a post, I see that the Pit is full of US Political stuff that's going on for pages, and I think "You know what? I think I'll go for a walk or read a book instead."

Condense the political threads to one general "Everyone's side by mine SUCKS and here's what they're doing in August" thread and give other threads room to grow.

Again, without front-page exposure, threads won't thrive. And watching the same few dozen or so people monopolize the front page of The Pit for months on end with an endless litany of the outrage-of-the-minute*, it's pointless to even try.
This is an excellent idea and one I wholeheartedly agree with. Frankly, I'm not seeing any concession from the pundits here- they want to monopolise two forums on the messageboard and any suggestion that maybe they'd like to keep it in one place is shouted down with "If you don't like it, don't read them!", which reminds me of that Far Side Cartoon entitled "Hell's Video Library" in which every movie is Ishtar.