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Originally Posted by Martini Enfield View Post
That doesn't mean you're not entitled to ask your local council to do something about it, but really, the issue doesn't affect anybody except for maybe three houses at the end of your street.
It's just one person. Well, one family my wife and I. (I do love how you spell "tire", though.) But it increases the safety of a number of people, namely those who turn left. When I see them (and I work at home right by the window), I chase after them with my shotgun. Unfortunately, I'm usually not fast enough loading, cocking, and opening the front door. But on a few occasions, I've shot the bastards' rear ends and back glass. (Just bird shot with a 20 guage.)

But generally they can't, at least in regards to anything political. That's my point. You can ring your local council and get them to fix potholes, or dob in a dodgy business that's selling meat that's gone off, and reasonably expect something to be done about it. But if you go to see your local Member For Parliament about an issue, you can reasonably expect to be politely listened to then disregarded as soon as you leave the office, unless you're agreeing with the MP- at least in my experience, anyway.
And that's why we rant here. It is sometimes all we can do.