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Originally Posted by JohnT View Post
I'm wondering if the release of the Papodopoulous news means that Mueller got what he needed from him and no longer needs GP as an informant?
More like a one-two punch: Release the Manafort/Gates news, which Trump and co. were expecting, then sucker-punch them with Papadopoulos, which no one saw coming, and which is more powerful since he's already pled guilty and flipped. No wonder Spokestoad Sanders was so desperate to pretend they hardly even knew the guy existed. What did he tell Mueller? How much of the campaign's ties to, contacts with the Russians can he reveal? Has he already revealed? [What's next???

And then I read somewhere there's suggestions of other sealed indictments already been filed....

Oh, the White House and its god-emperor must be one helluva kicked-over anthill now....