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Originally Posted by monstro View Post
The people I know would be totally freaked out by a guy flying around in his underwear. And they would be doubly freaked out if laserbeams shot out of his eyes. In the world I inhabit, Superman would be portrayed as a demonic atheist homosexual attention whore by at least half the populace. So if Superman is all about how "people work", it fails spectacularly.

I don't indulge in super hero movies to find out how "people work". I indulge in this genre to escape reality all together. The drama genre provides much better examples of how "people work" than Superman movies. There are no laserbeam eyes in movies like "Terms of Endearment", as far as I know.

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Absoulutely your choice...but how people work is certainly there. My nine-year old didn't cry at the end of Endgame because "It means no more shiny-flying dude"