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Cautionary tale

Sometime in mid-Dec., as a result of having picked up some awful thing or another, I was following the directions given in the previous iteration of this message, when my computer failed.

It would not start in Safe mode. After that, it would never start again.

So, before following the steps given, be sure you know what you are doing. I didn't, and I deeply regret it, as I'm typing this from my old, slow computer, and I'm looking at paying somebody a lot of money to "wipe" my computer. Then I will have to install all my software again, which laborious as it is will be the easy part. The hard part will be finding all that stuff. I have some of it, but a lot of it is residing in a box somewhere in my garage. Hopefully, I labeled the box, because there are about 500 of them out there.

Note that as I was doing them in order I had already done #2, so I didn't really lose anything important, except I'm anticipating about 40 hours of MY TIME.

You need something for 3 different kinds of people. Knows binary, doesn't know binary, doesn't know shit about computers.

And the recommendation for person no. 3 (or would that be no. 11) would be: Find somebody who knows what they're doing!!!