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Originally Posted by clairobscur View Post
You won't ever get it.

A lot of Greeks just don't like the idea that Slavs would call themselves Macedonians, they feel like they're robbed of their heritage (Alexander), and for some reason that nobody outside the Balkans can understand it's a huge deal and almost worth a declaration of war.
I don't know if Naxos is actually Greek (his location field is empty), but if so it sure seems you're right. But I'd also like to understand it. I can see why Greece would be concerned if there was in the Republic of Macedonia an active irredentist movement aimed at annexing the Macedonian parts of Greece and Bulgaria. Not that it could ever be successful. But just using the name (which is justified, as the country of Macedonia is entirely part of the historical region of Macedonia) and the image of Alexander the Great? That's fairly harmless.

For that matter, is it the name of the country (Macedonia) or the use of Alexander's image that's bothering the Greeks more?