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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
Out of curiousity, if the name Macedonia is this central to Greek national identity, why didn't they adopt the name when they broke free from Turkish rule? Call themselves the Kingdom of Makedonia instead of the Kingdom of Ellados and establish a prior claim to the name?
For the same reason the United States of America did not call itself California.

As far as your reference to the world "kingdom", Greece (Ellada is the native name of the country) there were too many European kingdoms, mainly the German, the Russian and the British, that interfered with the politics of the area and each wanted to have a say to what will happen to this country after the native Greeks revolted against the 400 year occupation of the Turks.

Greece has many other areas with distinctive names but the main name that was used since ancient times was Ellada - Greece. Macedonia is one part of it.