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Hey guys. I haven't written in the thread in a while, but I've been lurking and always enjoy reading how you guys are getting along with your guitars.

I wanted to show all you guys one of the band projects I'm involved with right now. It's a alt-country/"twang"-rock kind of thing with elements of folk and punk as well. Here's the link: Hidebehind

I post this not as an advertisement or spam so I hope it's not taken that way and if a moderator feels that it is, then I'll understand if the post is deleted. I'm actually posting this because I'd like your opinions on the guitar work, tones, and production value overall. This is the first band project that I've produced and engineered on my own and I'm curious as to whether it sounds up to par with what's out there commercially. I'm the lead guitar player so all the leads are me and I also did half the rhythm work.

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