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I'm looking for advice on a guitar for a new player - I'm making "learn to play the guitar" a goal of mine over the next year or two, and I'm not sure what i should get.

I'm shooting for something a little bit rock-n-roll. Generally I'd like to be able to go for anything from late Beatles to White Stripes, Radiohead, and alternative rock. I'm not a big metal head, so thats not a goal, nor am I into things in a more folk or country vein. Any ideas on what I should get? I figure that I'm comfortable going up to $400 or so. I'd also like to get a headphone amp set up rather than a full amp, as I live in a condo with fairly thin walls and I don't want to be too loud. Some sort of effects setup will be needed, whether at start or later on. Suggestions on good options for all of those would be great.

I do have a friend who can go with me to Guitar Center or wherever (I'm in Chicago) in order to try out the instruments to help me pick out the specific guitar (as it would do very little good for me to try them out personally at this point). I'm also planning on taking lessons to start...

Thanks in advance for any advice!