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Originally Posted by Shakester View Post
Disagree. The lower end Squiers, like the Affinity line, are crappy, but the higher end, like the Classic Vibe range, are good guitars.

I'll agree that a MIM Tele is a good choice, though.
I bought an Affinity Squier about 5 years ago when I wanted to start learning Electric guitar. It has fantastic action and stays in tune through some harsh playing. But the electronics are tinker toys.

A few years later I picked up a Gibson SG. The action is a little harder and the "feel" of the guitar just never is comfortable with me but the tone is heaven.

I find that I play the $150 Squier more than the $800 SG.

In fact, I'm seriously thinking about replacing the guts with one of those pre-loaded pick-guard setups with some Seymour Duncans. So I'd be putting about $350 improvement on a $150 guitar. Sounds silly but I like the feel of that Squier so much I don't mind. I just want it to sound better.