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Originally Posted by Shakester View Post
The market is dominated by collectors (rich baby boomers buying an iconic part of the late 50s/early 60s) rather than working musicians.

Any improvement to a vintage Fender, like refretting or replacing worn-out tuning keys - things that make a guitar a musical instrument rather than an expensive decoration - decrease the value. You can "ruin" an old guitar by making it playable. That's just nuts, in my opinion.

Agreed. Personally, I think the great majority of things that are said about guitars by guitarists are complete nonsense. That's why I don't really do guitar forums any more. Critical thinking skills and the world of electric guitars don't seem to mix very often.
I hear you on all fronts. By the same token, while it is too bad that working tools from the 50's and 60's are priced out of the working musician's price range, what is left is great stuff - new MIM Fenders, Squiers. So it's not like we're getting left only crappy scraps.