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Originally Posted by AuntiePam View Post
How is he "supporting"? He's the main character, dammit. I guess it's because he's "supporting" every other damn character. Dammit.

Does that show not have a "leading" actor? Will all their actor nominations be Supporting?

I think Alfie Allen (Theon) should have been nominated supporting, with Peter as leading. Dammit.
IIRC, in season 1 he got last billing as either "and" or "with." You know, Andy Rooney territory. It moved up towards the top in S2. But like academic papers, sometimes being last is the best place.

Yeah this show is just a bunch of supporting actors. Dinklage does deserve it in a sense, but he also gets access to the best lines. Him and Bronn.

ETA: Do we not see Stannis wife at all in S2? I could've sworn she (or some woman not Melissandre) was standing next to him like they were together in one of the first episodes.

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